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About Valerie Smith

As a Spiritual Counselor, I combine my masters in social work, mind/body eating certificate, reiki 1, and spiritual psychic gifts to provide a compassionate container for whole-body healing. I operate with the belief that Love heals all wounds. We have all been wounded in one way or another. Societal, cultural, communal, and familial conditioning are inescapable. This conditioning is part of the evolutionary process, and our soul growth, which is what we are all here on this planet to do.


How we view and relate to our whole body (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual) is affected by our conditioning, and has created energetic patterns that do not serve our best selves. Breaking free from these patterns takes time, discipline, and a nurturing and supportive environment. We are living in extraordinary times of awakening and expanding our consciousness. This is a painful process, as we are confronted with dis-ease within our bodies, our mental and emotional states, our relationship with food, our relationships with others, and our general dissatisfaction with being in this world. Out of this pain comes great wisdom.


I am honored to offer my natural gift of channeling Source/God/All/Universal energy of unconditional love through visions, messages, and energy healing practices. Utilizing various evidence-based mind/body treatments alongside spiritual guidance, we can collaboratively work toward integrating mind, body and spirit to live with integrity. I find joy in connecting others to their own intuition and unique life path. In creating a deep connection to our souls in human bodies, and understanding it, we can live in an empowered way and truly help to heal the world. 

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