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Available Services

Spiritual Counseling Sessions

Psychic Soul Readings

Spiritual Counseling Circles, Groups, & Workshops

Spiritual Counseling Sessions

These sessions are perfect for clients who are experiencing:

  • conflicts in their relationships (familial, personal, professional)

  • frustration with body, weight, and their relationship with food

  • anxiety

  • depression

  • confusion with neurodivergence

  • a desire to connect to their natural intuition 

Spiritual Counseling sessions include:

  • channeled meditations

  • visions/messages/energy healing practices channeled from guides and angels

  • mind/body nutrition guidance

  • exploration of how your unique energy is flowing

  • journeying

  • emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual practices to integrate into life


Valerie will open herself up to be a channel of information from the spirit world (only energies that are in the best and highest interest of you). We have such a limited viewpoint, and this connects us to the ALL that wants us to live in harmony with ourselves, others, and the earth. Our conditioning/personalities can often impede our growth, and I find this connection to be vital to our overall wellness.

Mind-Body Nutrition

Receive insight into your thoughts/beliefs/energetic patterns that are keeping you feeling stuck. Let’s explore the messages your body is giving you in order to integrate nutritional guidance that will aid in your relationship with food & body.


We will often enter into meditation together to connect with spirit and our bodies, and clear our minds for the session. These are channeled, and will often be significant to what is brought up in session. We may also explore certain meditation practices that will strengthen your connection to the ALL, and your own intuitive flow.

The Drama Triangle

Based on Stephen Karpman’s research in the 1960’s, the drama triangle is a way of identifying dysfunction in relationships and the game in which we can so easily get stuck. We are born into human drama. It’s the basis for all films: victim/bad guy/hero. Let’s dive deeper into your patterns, and find how you can be a co-creator of your life, rather than a victim of it.

Reiki, Metaphysical Attunements, Shamanic Practices

Everything is energy. From the seen to the unseen; atoms, thoughts, feelings, dark matter, and light create the world we live in. When we open ourselves up to Source, which is of the highest vibration (enlightenment), we can adjust our own energy vibration. Your energy centers can be fine tuned, messages can be received from your own guides & angels, animal spirit guides can be integrated for your unique journey, and energetic cords can be adjusted or cut between you and concepts/past/others that come to the forefront of session work.

Feminine-Masculine Energy

It is my belief that these two energies work together, and are necessary for us to harness in a wholesome way so we may live with integrity. The language around them is deceiving since in our culture it denotes gender. This is simply not the case, since all humans have these two energies. Let’s explore the balance of these in your life.

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Psychic Soul Readings

We are all energy beings of light living a very human life. I am honored and humbled to offer my gift of connecting us into the frequency of unconditional love, which is the energy that holds it all. I channel visions, messages, and energy-healing practices from guides, angels, and sometimes the departed.


Soul readings 

  • connect you into the Truth of who you are

  • promotes healing at a deep level

  • shows you where your unique soul wants to grow and expand into

  • provides clarity and/or release in areas you may feel stuck

These sessions are intuitive collaborations, connecting you to a deeper understanding of who you are as a soul in a human body.

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Spiritual Counseling Circles, Groups, & Workshops




Love Your Body: A Scientific and Spiritual Approach to Wellness

Holistic Healing & Wellness Center, Saco ME


South Portland, ME



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